Below are the powerful and compelling testimonies from Forever Cowboy’s family and friends after experiencing our Camp of Champions:

… I wanted to thank you all for the truly awesome week I had. It was a life changing event for me and my family. I have had so much peace from God since I returned home and got somethings straightened out. I will remember the experience for the rest of my life. You guys did a great job of putting the camp together and the new friends we made while there was great. I have already talked to them on the phone several times. Gary from Kentucky went to a roping Saturday and won a second and fourth, and was very excited. Just wanted you to know to keep up the good work for the Lord and may God Bless you all.”

- Thanks again,
Troy Withey

“Hey April,
My name is Justin Foster I attended the camp of Champions in June at the Young County Arena. Anyway I really gained a lot from the camp not only in the arena but in my life as well. Since the camp my relationship with God has gone to another level that I can’t even explain which in turn has helped me deal with the different aspects of life, roping, and rodeo. My roping has jumped considerably and now people are beginning to ask me not only for help on their roping but see how I try to live my life and want to experience the kind of relationship with God that I do. I truly believe they see how my relationship with God doesn’t fluctuate only gets stronger through the good and especially the bad. Its a great feeling to have someone come up to you at a rodeo or roping and admire not only your roping but they way you conduct yourself and how you do that through the lord, giving him all the credit, its been life changing for me. I know that it is all because of this summer at the Camp of Champions. So after telling you that I would like to help you and your family at or in doing anything I can whether its a testimony, article, speaking, or just picking up trash. I would like to help and say thank you to all that you all and Trey Johnson did for me this summer. So if there is anything I can do please let me know and I would be more than happy thanks again. God Bless.

- Your Friend,
Justin Foster

“Thanks to the entire Bach family & all others involoved, I just experienced the best 5 days of my life. ;)

- David

i had the best time of my life it was a great experience of my life you family were great hosts and the pro ropers were so down to earth it will be a experience i will never forget.”

- Rene

“Thank you all so very much for the wonderful experience last week at the C of C for over 31. I feel very blessed to be able to attend. I strongly believe the mission of the camps are impacting the world. All of the speakers and teachers were very inspriational to me and as a person new to the sport of team roping, I now have a knowledge of what it takes to better myself, horse, and people in general at a sport that I have come to love. Everyone was extremely patient with me and that is very appreciated. I will work on the lessons learned and would love to attend again sometime if possible. Thank you all very much for this experience. May God Bless you all.”

- Chad

“Thank you again for putting on the camp, it really changed me. Hope to get to see you again.”

- Love Amy Wiseman

Just wanted to let you guys know that I hustled hard to get back to Kentucky so I could make it to a roping and I won second and fourth place. Would have won first but my last steer dragged. I know it was because of the great instruction I had at the camp. It was an inspiring week in more ways than one. I am so grateful to everyone and may God bless us all.

- Gary