Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

It’s a Big Deal!

Coming out of the season of Thanksgiving and into the season of Christmas we have so much to be thankful for and to celebrate.  If you look around and think about it, God has done some great things in all of our lives.  From the family and friends we have, to the clothes, finances, gifts, talents and the list could go on and on.  The bottom line is that what God has done in our lives is a big deal.

Sometimes we discount all of the things that God has done and forget that even the small things are big deals to the Lord and at one time they probably were big deals to us as well.  Remember that time God answered that prayer.  That is a big deal!  Remember that time He healed your body.  That is a big deal!  How about that time that you might have died in that car wreck but you didn’t.  That’s a big deal!  God loves us so much and wants to do even greater things in our lives than we’ve ever seen before but one of the key things is not forgetting where you came from and what God has done because what He’s done in your life is a big deal!  The little things in our lives are a big deal to God and should be a big deal to us.

Remember the story in Matthew 14:13-21 where Jesus wanted the disciples to feed the crowd that they had been ministering to, which was around 15,000 people but all they had were 5 loaves and 2 fish.  To the disciples what they had seemed small and insignificant but to God it was a big deal.  They brought the fish and bread to Jesus and the bible says that He looked up to heaven and blessed, and thanked God, then divided the fish and bread up to feed the people and had 12 baskets left over.  Now think about this with me.  Do you think that all those people were glad that the disciples brought what they thought was small and insignificant to the Lord?  I do.  I think they were thankful that someone was willing to bring something that seemed small to them, to the Lord, because the Lord took the small thing and made it a big deal.  Maybe there are some things in your life that seem small that are a big deal to the Lord and to other people if you would just be willing to bring it to Him.  That idea that seems so small is a big deal.  That dream that’s on the inside of you is a big deal.  That plan or strategy to turn your business around is a big deal.  Better than that, is the fact that you may feel small and insignificant but you are a big deal to God.  Such a big deal that God sent his one and only son, Jesus to die on the cross for your sins and mine.

At the time, that little baby seemed so small and insignificant to so many people but to our Heavenly Father, He was a big deal.  What we celebrate during this Holiday season is such a big deal.  We all receive presents during this time of year and some are big and some are small but the gift of God’s son, Jesus, is a big deal and is the best gift we could ever receive.  So take some time and celebrate the big deal that Christmas really is.  Realize that there are certain things in your life that are a big deal and one of those things that can’t be compared to anything else is Jesus.  His birth is a big deal!

Have a very blessed Christmas and realize that Jesus is a big deal to God and so are you.  We are praying for you and are thankful that you are in our lives!

Forever Cowboys – Trey Johnson